• What is CallMe4 app?

    CallMe4 is the world’s first phone consultation app which connects users to verified and trusted consultants and experts via a direct telephone call. Seek advice, get personalized assistance or simply, know something new everyday from popular social media influencers and experts from across the world. Connect and get personalized one-to-one attention for all your queries. You can also register your services, profile or channel and earn by the minute. Sign up! It is FREE to use.

  • How can I earn money on CallMe4 app?

    Download the CallMe4 app and complete the sign-up process to register your skills, expertise, social media profile, channel or services. Register as a consultant by updating your profile and set your availability time and per-minute consultation charges to receive calls. After your channel has been verified by the CallMe4 team, users can get in touch with you directly. Receive calls, provide consultationand start making money instantly.

  • How do I get started on CallMe4?

    Start by downloading the app from Apple Appstore or Google Play store. It is free to use. Register directly using your mobile number. If you are a user, create your profile and start exploring our marketplace to find the consultants or experts of your choice. Earn money right away by registering your YouTube channel, social media profile or service and start connecting with your followers andCallme4 app users.

  • Which devices are compatible with CallMe4?

    CallMe4 works on both Android and iOS devices. It is absolutely FREE to download from Appstore or Play Store.

  • FAQs for Users

  • How can I recharge my CallMe4 wallet?

    You can add money in your CallMe4 app wallet with your debit and credit card.

  • How can I register my second number to make calls?

    You can update the information from the profile section. Follow the instructions mentioned on the screen and you can the number.

  • How can I search consultant profiles on the CallMe4 app?

    Click on the search option available at the top of the homepage of the app and then you can search any consultant profile by either their name, expertise or CM4 ID.

  • Are CallMe4 payments secure?

    CallMe4 payments are 100% secure as we never save or handle any sensitive card details. Add money and receive direct consultation or withdraw money directly after providing consultation.

  • Why I don’t receive emails from CallMe4?

    CallMe4 doesn’t send any emails to its users. We make telephone calls to get feedback of their interaction with consultants to ensure that they had the best experience and got their money’s worth.

  • When will I get charged for connecting with experts on CallMe4 app?

    Recharge your CallMe4 wallet to be able to connect with consultants. Once you initiate the call, the per-minute consultation rate set by the expert kicks in and you will be charged for every minute of the call duration. However, you will not be charged for the first 30 seconds of your call – thereafter the full per-minute rates apply for every call made by you.

  • FAQs for Consultants

  • How can I register myself as a consultant on CallMe4?

    Download the CallMe4 application. Verify your mobile number, create your own CM4 ID (cm4@handle) and update your profile to get started.

  • What services or expertise can I provide on CallMe4?

    CallMe4 is an open platform which encourages any consultant, expert, freelancer or service provider to register his/her services as long as it is accordance with our privacy policy and terms and conditions. YouTube channels, social media profiles or services focusing on content related to unsubstantiated methods of earning money through applications is strictly prohibited. Illegal activities, misappropriation or distressing content will result in account deletion.

  • How will the CallMe4 app benefit me?

    CallMe4 app provides a side hustle revenue stream apart from your existing sources of income. You can provide expert guidance to users over phone, just by being online for a few hours and get paid on a per-minute rate set by you.

  • When will I receive the money earned through CallMe4?

    After a consultant has interacted with the user, he/she can raise a request to receive money by clicking on the Withdraw button in his profile. Once the request has been made, CallMe4 team verifies the call and within 48 hours, the money is credited in your registered account.

  • How to set the availability on the Callme4 app?

    The CallMe4 app homepage has a "You're Online" tab. Click on it and you will be taken to the screen where you can set your availability by clicking on the option "Set Time".

  • What is the maximum time period to receive money in my app wallet or my bank account?

    Once you have initiated the request to withdraw money, the maximum time period to receive the amount is 48 working hours.

  • Will the user see my personal details?

    No, your personal contact number will never be visible to anyone. The user can only call you through the Callme4 ID created by you while registering on the app.

  • How can I withdraw the amount I earn from CallMe4?

    To withdraw money, you are required to request for withdrawal from your registered mobile number. After you have requested for a withdrawal, you will receive a call from the CallMe4 executive to confirm your request. The executive will confirm the mobile number registered with your Paytm or bank account and release the payment accordingly.

  • CallMe4 General FAQs

  • How do I contact the expert that I want?

    You can contact any expert by selecting the available contact option below his/her profile picture.

  • How to find and choose the right expert for my needs?

    You can search and filter experts’ profiles by selecting a service category from the slider provided on the top of the page. You can also directly search for the expert name, ID or industry.

  • Who’s responsible for the quality of answers that I am getting from experts?

    The credibility of expert consultation is completely dependent on the rating and reviews given by the users. You are at sole responsibility for choosing the expert and trusting their answers. We recommend you to go through the reviews first or take multiple opinions from different experts to be sure.

  • The expert that I am calling is not responding. What can I do about it?

    You can wait for the expert to be available or you can also try other consultants with similar expertise. You wil not be deducted any amount if the expert doesn’t respond to your call.

  • How do I recharge my wallet?

    You can recharge the wallet by any standard mode of payment through your debit card orcredit card. You can tap on the wallet option provided at the bottom of your app. Tap on the “Add Money” button, enter the amount you want to add, select your preferred payment mode and recharge your wallet.

  • How can I check my transaction history?

    You can check your transaction history in the Wallet tab. You can get the statement of all your transactions. In addition, you can also view total calls, total minutes and balance credit from your wallet.

  • Can I have more than one account using the same mobile number?

    No, you cannot have multiple accounts from same mobile number for security reasons.

  • Can I have more than one CallMe4ID logged in on the same device at the same time?

    CallMe4 does not allow you to login different IDs on same device. If you need to login with a different ID, then you will have to log out first and then you can log in with another ID.

  • Can I have my CallMe4 account open on two devices at the same time?

    No, you can only log in your account from one device at a time.

  • Does the app work without an active internet connection?

    No, CallMe4 app needs an active internet connection to keep you updated.

  • Reporting Problems

  • Why I am no longer able to call even though I am ready to pay?

    Re-check your account balance. You should have sufficient wallet balance as per your selected expert to make a call.

  • Why I am no longer able to call a specific expert while I can call all others?

    This usually happens when an expert is offline or not available to take the calls. We recommend you to call on the preferred time slot provided by the expert. You will be able to call them once they are back online.The other possibility is that the expert might have blocked you. You will not be able to contact them until they unblock you.

  • The expert that I contacted did not answer my question. What happens to the amount that I paid?

  • I am not satisfied with the service that I got. What can I do about it?

    You can leave a negative review and low rating for the expert to alert others from paying for his service.

  • How can I report an issue?

    You can reach us from the help section in your profile in the app. You can call us or drop an email or you can leave a feedback/query by directly submittinga feedback form.

  • Someone is annoying me, what can I do about it?

    You can directly report and block the user from his profile page.

  • Someone is publishing inappropriate content. What can I do about it?

    You can report his profile and appropriate action will be initiated against the profile immediately.

  • Someone is impersonating a fake profile, what can I do about it?

    You can report his profile and appropriate action will be initiated against the profile immediately.

  • Bank Information, Debit and Credit Cards

  • I am worried about sharing my bank details on the app. What should I do?

    Bank details are only required to withdraw the earned amount. If you don’t want to provide the bank account information, then you can keep the earned amount in your wallet safely as long as you want.

  • I am worried filling my credit card details, can I keep it empty?

    Providing your credit card details is not mandatory. It is only required for adding money to your wallet. Your credit card will never be charged unexpectedly without your permission.

  • I do not have a credit card; can I still use the app?

    Yes, you can use the app without having a credit card. For wallet recharge, you can use debit card among other payment modes.

  • Calls and Communication

  • How do I get called?

    Once you register on the app, other users can find you with your name or CallMe4 ID. We recommend you to complete your profile information and upload videos and genuine pictures for authenticity. This would help the user to confidently reach out to you.

  • Do I use my mobile number to make or receive calls?

    No, your mobile number is not used for making or receiving calls. Calls are executed via app in-built internet channels.

  • What can I search for in the search bar?

  • Price, Payments and Cashing Out?

  • How much will I earn when someone contacts me?

    You will earn according to the call duration depending on per-minute consultation charges. The earned amount will be added to your wallet balance.

  • Which charges should I set for people to contact me?

    Setting the price is your fees or consultation charge. This is entirely your decision and you can take a call as to how much you should charge for your time and efforts. It also depends on the competition and type of services you provide.

  • What can I do with the money that I earn in the app?

    You can transfer the money to your bank account and use it for your perusal.

  • How do I get paid?

    You are paid on per minute basis for the services and consultation you provide. The earned amount is added to your wallet balance. You can check wallet credits and get transaction summary from the Wallet tab.

  • How much time does it take to receive the money after I cash-out my earnings?

    After a consultant has interacted with the user, he/she can raise a request to receive money by clicking on the Withdraw button in his profile. Once the request has been made, CallMe4 team verifies the call and within 48 hours, the money is credited in your registered account.

  • How much will I pay if I contact an expert?

    Every expert has different charges. Before making a call, you can thoroughly check the charges, review and ratings of the expert. You will be charged on per-minute basis depending on the duration of your call. The money would be deducted from your wallet balance.

  • How do I pay?

    You need to have sufficient wallet balance before proceeding for a call. Once your selected expert receives the call, the money would be deducted from your wallet balance on per-minute basis.

  • Why am I paying in advance to use the services?

    You need to add money in advance for making the calls but you are not charged anything unless your call gets answered. Advance deductions are not applicable.

  • Generating Leads on Callme4

  • How can I attract more traffic and boost my income?

    There are various steps you can adapt to increase traffic and income.

    • You should complete your profile and upload proper images and videos to ensure authenticity and quality for the users.
    • You can share your profile on your social media handles to increase traffic.
    • You should analyse other experts and keep the prices reasonable to get more calls.
    • Acquire high ratings and good reviews by providing quality services to the existing users.
  • How does the rating affect me?

    Your rating defines your service quality and credibility. Users always prefer an expert with high rating and good reviews.

  • I got a bad rating even though I gave a good service, what can I do about it?

    Unfortunately, once a rating has been provided it cannot be removed or changed. A bad rating can only be superseded by good ratings and reviews.

  • Why do I get to rate the persons who call me too?

    This is done to ensure that the user complies to all our terms and conditions and is not in breach of any app rules. This helps us remove miscreants from the app.

For support you can send us mail on this mail id support@callme4.com